Those who know, row!

The humble rowing machine is a misunderstood beast.


Some claim they don’t know how to use it as they have never been in a boat. Others, that they don’t possess the Olympian physique needed.


The truth is that most people neglect it for one reason: fear of the unknown!


But we think it has spent too much time in the shadows.


Here at Milo and the Bull, we are going to show you its true potential; why rowing is the most effective machine on the gym floor. Not only will you get a lung busting workout, but with us you’ll learn to take advantage of rowing’s multiple benefits;


1.     Full Body

No other form of cardio training combines upper and lower body with core, into a complete, total body workout. Rowing works 85% of your muscles. A session on the machine is like doing hundreds of low weight reps on all major muscle groups. It builds strength and posture as well as fitness.


2.    The After burn

High intensity training requires energy from the anaerobic pathways. In return it will generate a greater excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). EPOC , in simple terms, means you will continue to burn calories even after your workout!


3.    It’s LIT

Low Impact Training. We aim to build you, not break you. Rowing is a natural rhythmic movement that puts minimal impact on the joints. Using the beautifully crafted WaterRower, all our classes will be less stressful on your body and joints but will have your heart pumping hard.


4.    It’s inclusive

Old or young, exercise twice a day or twice a year, our rowing classes really do cater for everyone. It’s easy on the joints and the intensity can easily be adjusted to suit any fitness level. There really is no excuse not to give it a go.