Milo's top ten post workout brunch/lunch spots in Clapham

Whether you’re trying out a Coar or Circuit class for the first time, working on mobility in our signature yoga classes, or are a regular at Milo and the Bull, refuelling post-class is the best way to recover and work towards your fitness and strength goals. And let’s be honest, there isn’t anything better than grabbing an epic brunch after one of our Saturday sweat sessions.

To keep you feeling strong (and full!), we’ve rounded up our favourite brunch spots near the studio.

Story Coffee

A walk-in, no wi-fi zone, Story Coffee is one of our favourite places to unwind. With some of the highest quality coffee in the area, Story Coffee is a go-to for either a pre-workout cuppa or post-class coffee, brunch and chat with friends.

Follow them on Instagram @storyworksldn.

The Schoolhouse

Throwback to your childhood, The Schoolhouse is a school-themed restaurant. Think everything old school from board games to Harry Potter, and try and get on their photo board of fame. And the best bit? They offer 50% off food on books from Thursday to Sunday before 10:30 am!

Follow them on Instagram @theschoolhouselondon.

Ben’s Canteen

Brunch, burgers and dinner, Ben’s Canteen has you covered. A relaxed neighbourhood hangout, Ben’s Canteen is all about indulging, hanging out and having fun. Just around the corner from Milo and the Bull, we love Ben’s Canteen for a post-class brunch or lunch. Don’t miss the fried chicken eggs Benedict!

Follow them on Instagram at @benscanteen.

Brixton Pizza

An artesian pizza restaurant that serves truly authentic Italian cuisine, but with a pinch of creativity, Brixton Pizza is our favourite pizza spot in the area. With ingredients straight from southern Italy, Pizza Brixton is a slice of Italy in the middle of south London. Alongside their mouth-watering pizzas, we love their selection of wine and coffee.

Find them on Instagram @pizzabrixton.


Smoothies, juice shots, superfood salads – you name it, Uncommon Restaurant has it. They offer a little something for everyone, and it’s one of our favourite places to catch up on some work while having a cup of their delicious coffee and a slice of quiche. Plus, all of their packaging is sustainably sourced and biodegradable.

Find them on Instagram @uncommon_sw11.


Brunch, decadent pastries and arguably the finest coffee in Clapham– Birdhouse brings sunny vibes to the area. Visit them post class for one of the best espressos in town, a delicious brunch and wash it down with their famous blondie brownie (rumour has it that George has one everyday). Be sure to try one of the delicious bocadito’s if you are looking for something to have on the move.

Follow them on Instagram @birdhouseuk.


Born from a marathon runner with a love for kebabs, Baba-Boom is the place to find inventive and authentic kebabs right in Clapham. And they don’t stop there. Homemade hummus, their speciality craft beer and zingy frozen margaritas – BaBa-Boom is the place to fulfil your kebab dreams.

Find them on Instagram @bababoomlondon.

Social Pantry Café

With a brand recipe designed around understanding, enjoyment, fairness, sustainability and creativity, social pantry serves well-sourced, seasonal good alongside great coffee and fresh juices. Their brunch hits the spot, and their daily changing signature salads means they have something for everyone.

Find them on Instagram @social_pantry.

Flour to the People!

A bit further down the road – but worth the short walk in our opinion – Flour to the People serves freshly made breakfast and brunch by day, and high-quality, sourdough pizza by night. We love the unlimited toast topped with home-made butter, marmalade and hazelnut spread.

Find them on Instagram @flour2people.


Rounding up our top picks in the area is Hetu, a vegan zero waste store. Offering whole foods in bulk and reusable items without all the unnecessary packaging. Their mission is something we can get behind at Milo: helping people to live a more zero waste and low impact life whilst benefiting your health and that of the planet.

Find Hetu on Instagram @hetu_uk.